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Pothead Zombies Pothead Zombies

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Lacks inspiration

This is truly a game that lacks any kind of imagination or creativity. It's a simple point and click tower defense shooter, and really adds nothing to this tired old formula. The storyline is strange and unnecessary, and the convoluted political message seems to overshadow this already shallow game. The glitches in the later stages completely ruin any small modicum of fun that was slowly accumulating over the tedious first ten levels. And the music and sound effects were bland and really didn't stand out at all.

You know, it's almost as if your creativity is stifled.. like when you were creating this you had no imagination whatsoever. It was as if you couldn't possibly think outside the box, or open your mind to any fresh and new ideas. If only there was a way you could EXPAND your creativity temporarily, you know? Like.. if there was something you could do to make your ideas more unique.. just for a short period of time. That way, you wouldn't be creating the same tired old game we've all been playing since 2001. If only there was a way to find some inspiration, and truly create something unique and entertaining by unlocking the power in your own mind for an hour or so.

Oh well. I guess there's nothing that can be done. I hope you and your life partner enjoy all the breathable air you can have living inside the narrow-minded little bubble you've created. Good luck with your future flash creation, solid effort!

Snailiad Snailiad

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quirky, charming, just downright fun

The perfect throwback to old platform gaming. Nothing to complicated, and not much of an emphasis on graphics, but that's the whole point isn't it?

I was intrinsically reminded of NES/SNES generation titles and the wave of nostalgia that came with it was nearly overwhelming. The controls, although incredibly simple, seemed to do a number on my brain at first. I found myself constantly jumping when I meant to shoot. But alas, that was more a problem of my own brain rather than a flaw of the game itself. The gravity snail addition was brilliant, although I must admit it was introduced perhaps a little too early in the game. It seemed completely unnecessary that I would need to go around corners after I was already able to practically fly through the air. Eventually I became so sufficient using the Gravity Snail that I literally never ended up touching walls in the final battle.

The charm of the game is what really drew me in. The snails are hilarious, and just the entire idea of a snail-driven story with a snail protagonist is so insanely adorable that I had a gleeful ":3" smile the entire playthrough.

And I can't forget the music. Absolutely loved it. I found myself humming the little tunes days after playing for the first time.

Very well done, I look forward to more of your work and it will be interesting to see if you can manage to top this masterpiece.

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V-tech Rampage V-tech Rampage

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Freedom of speech is hardly the issue

Immediately following the massacre at V-Tech, I knew it was only a matter of time before some self-loving "freedom musketeer" made a game in an attempt to prove some sort of point. Sure enough, you stepped in and delivered a bland and tasteless game riddled with spelling mistakes and racial slurs.

Now, the game itself wasn't entertaining, as if the simplistic controls of "S = talk, A = shoot" weren't a big enough clue to its shallow gameplay. Perhaps the only decent aspect of the game was that you had to follow the storyline, and the combination of "stealth" with the rampage made it a tad more challenging. The sound was one-dimensional, and the choice of music seemed completely puzzling. As for the violence, well, there certainly was some. Yet somehow you managed to make a violent massacre look and feel boring.

As for your message of "freedom of speech", I really don't think that is what you're concerned about. Clearly, the only purpose of this game was for you to get news coverage so you could pretend to be some sort of "super-hero" for freedom. Obviously I don't feel that the game should be taken down, but it certainly shouldn't receive any press coverage, nor should you think of yourself as anything more than an attention whore. I'm quite sure any remotely talented author on Newgrounds could make a movie about car bombings or Muhammed, yet I always figured that these movies weren't created because the authors had a little more self-respect. I'm certainly not saying that these issues should never be discussed, nor am I saying that tragedies should be off-limts for this sort of thing. Yet you managed to camouflage a pathetic ploy for attention it to some sort of "freedom of speech" issue. I do hope you realize that not everybody fell for your shallow excuse, and many do see that underlying immaturity behind it all. One could argue that this isn't the first time a sensitive issue has been glorified in this way, as the Columbine massacre game garnered a dick-load of controversy after it was created. But I imagine that it was your intention to do exactly the same, and perhaps a few well-known constitution-spinning douchebags would come to your defense on the news, thus labeling you as some sort of freedom fighter.

Unfortunately, it seems your fifteen minutes of fame have passed, and by the end of the day you won't be know as "Ryan Lambourn, the 21-year-old activist", rather "that douchebag kid who made the game about V-Tech just to get on the news".

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PiGPEN responds:

You dont understand the music choice because you know absolutely nothing about Seung-Hui Cho. You need to write less and read more fucktard.

Also play some god-damned NES games...2 action buttons is more than enough.

Coin Collector Coin Collector

Rated 3 / 5 stars


A pretty solid game. And it was somewhat abstract and different than most things i've seen on this site. Although I was expecting a cool movie, I was surprised to see that it was a game. I dont play many games on newgrounds for the sole purpose that I can play better and more fun games on my systems. But I decided to make an exception and check this one out.

The graphics were actually pretty good. The ball rolled smoothly and the coin animation was flawless. Although it could've used a backround, I thought the the black and white backdrop actually fit pretty well with the style. It was a game that was unique, and it had a basic and simplistic idea to it.

The sound was pretty cool. It felt very 8-bit, and somehow worked with the flash. Although many prefer a flash that involves blowing shit up, I thought you did a good job without all the gore.

The gameplay itself was not very thoughtout. The jumping feature, despite how cool it looked, proved basically useless. I could get 4000+ points by just rolling around on the ground. The lack of a preloader almost instantaneously lead me to believe that this was a stolen game, and I'm still not ruling out that factor just yet.

All in all, it was a solid game with a few flaws. It still kept me entertained enough to leave one of my usual lengthy reviews. Keep up the good work, that is assuming that you actually DID this. Next time I suggest adding a preloader, because it did look quite suspicous, regardless if you made the whole thing or not.


stickmoose responds:

Thank you for your review, this is not stolen. It is part of a challenge where I had to make a game in 1 hour, and I compleletey forgot about the preloader =P

Mario Tetris: GM Edition Mario Tetris: GM Edition

Rated 4 / 5 stars


A wonderful game! I found myself very entertained. Although it wasn't the most original idea, considering you didn't make up Tetris, I found myself VERY entralled back within the wor;d of yesterday.

The graphics were, decent. I mean, I wasn't expecting any hand-drawn Disney shit from this. I love your style, as a Nintendo fan myself.

The sound was... actually, just alright. I found that most of the recordings seemed very low quality and muffled. That may be due to the fact that you had filesize problems, or it could just simply be because these sounds were intended to be processed by shitty 16 bit systems. Either way, I wasn't too impressed by it.

A great game that came with all the lovely annoyances of the real Tetris. I only had time for one game, and got to Level 11 with 101 lines and a score of 40,669. I'm sure I could do a lot better, it's just quite late, you see. :) Anyways, it was a blast to play.

Gorillaz Groove Session Gorillaz Groove Session

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Jesus Christ

Great graphics. All though i'm sure most of it couldn't been not actually drawn by you, I thought it looked extremely crisp.

As for the gameplay, to be honest, I couldn't follow it. The beat was off from the moves, and it was quite challenging. I commed you on everything else, but you just need to improve the game itself.

You guys have great style, I mean, Gorillaz Groove Session? Plus the ambient noise of "Starshine" on the menu screen? Fantastic. I didn't know you did a Weezer jam session, it seems you managed to take all my favourite bands and make some sort of interactive game for it. I'll most certainly check it out.

Anyways, try to improve the gameplay a little. Make it more DDR-esque, so there is much less confusion between players when trying to execute the moves.


johnbell responds:

I guess there is kind of steep learning curve for some. Thanks for input.

Air Defence 3!! Air Defence 3!!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


A wonderful game. It was very difficult at the beginning for me. It seemed that every game I started I could not complete, I got my ass kicked around level 10 every time. I couldn't buy units or anything because they'd just get raped as soon as I did. But finally on my 3rd try, I became a brick wall. The planes could never get passed the <Option> button at the top of my screen. As soon as they entered they were faced with an onslought of smoke a flame, and were immediately engulfed in my fury. The game was a blast, but I ran out of upgrades around level 27. And it just become repeatative afterwards.
The graphics were pretty good, and the style was cool. I admire your action scripting, its nice to see something make it on this site BESIDES a "Games of Gondor" title. The sound was flawless, and the violence was enough to keep Mr. Quentin T. himself entertained. Great game, it was fun while it lasted. Although it isn't the MOST original field of play, but it felt a little different from the average "Defend your castle!" game. Nice job.


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The Bedn Soundboard The Bedn Soundboard

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It was a soundboard. And obviously, its not going to end up daily feature, or even be recognized at all anymore.

The idea of a Bedn Soundboard is unique, and a refreshing change from all the silly celebrities that usually spawn one. But the sound was, scratchy at best. Obviously recorded with a very low quality mic, and most of the time it was almost hard to read the writing.

I acknowledge the effort you put into making this, but soundboards are just a dead type of flash. Try to do something silly with the Bedn voice bytes you have, instead of something useless.


DeckMaster171 responds:

well u oviously havnt seen my 2 weeks of effort in this! 0 apriciation! u give me 3 for my souindboard? i give u a 2 for the review! >:( my 1st negative comment and i aint liking it

Dot Wars Dot Wars

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hot 2-bit action

Well, i'm sure the bit count was SLIGHTLY better.

Anyways, it was pretty old school. I mean, it put a different spin on the games I usually end up playing here. It had its positives, and its negatives. The idea was somewhat original, but the graphics were lacking. Big time.

It felt as if I was playing some sort of "Chips Challenge" game or something, which I suppose was a good thing. With a little more effort, you could be a very good author.

Oh... I just figured out why Extracy wrote such a MONSTEROUS review, for those of you wondering. Check out the audio in the game.. its his.

Scorpion RPG Scorpion RPG

Rated 2 / 5 stars


There is a lot of room for improvement. The graphics were pretty mediocre, and the sound was limited.

It's a great idea.... you just need to put a little bit more effore into it. It could be great, you just need to improve a little.