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Whithered Yard Whithered Yard

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Eerie, unsettling, and composed beautifully. It's a thick song; a lot of individual elements come together to paint this picture, and the end result is great. Could easily see this as introductory music to a haunted house, perhaps a boss battle with an uncertain ghastly opponent. Good work! Keep getting over that writer's block my friend!

Romos - Locust Romos - Locust

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sopping wet intro, build up was pretty excellent. Sampling was flawless, transitions were complicated and expertly introduced. Really dug the breakdown around the 2:15 mark, the water effects are particularly infatuating.

Gorgeous soundscape, however I think the bassline is a bit shallow and it could use a little more thumping. This is definitely worthy of the club however, I hope you've got live shows on the go homeslice!

Romos responds:

Thanks, haha I wish I had gigs but I'm only 14 :/


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool, quite uncertain where the direction was headed off the bat, it seemed like a tune destined for a relatively relaxing BPM, but the pace picked up beautifully. Flawless drop around the 1:20 mark, and honestly, everything sounds great. I think you could probably stretch it out for another minute or so and give it that 'proper song' treatment. But no matter, I think it's quite perfect.

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks Canas. Loving your encouragement.

It tends to be the way that I don't make "proper songs" anymore lol. Most of my songs hit under the 3min mark for some reason. Maybe because I don't flesh it out further? lol. Oh well, thanks for the feedback :) You're cool.


Sleep Sleep

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Gorgeous work my friend. Layering is magnificent, the pacing is solid and the conclusion is dreamy and gorgeous. You and I have very similar taste in music, as I've known for years, and I'm thrilled to see that same taste reflected in your craft.

If I had any gripe, it's that you need to have more confidence in your vocals. Obviously it's quite common for the genre to be characterized by dreamy, reverb-drenched harmonies, but I think this song in particular would benefit from an increased emphasis on your voice. Drop a few of the filters and pump the volume a little bit, and I think that clarity would help balance out the track a bit more.

But that's a minor detail in what was, undoubtedly, a beautiful arrangement. Do you have any new EP's you'd like me to listen to? I'd love to promote your work, get you on the Hype Machine and get your music to a wider audience.

Keep in touch

SineRider responds:

Thanks for the review Canas! Yeah I agree the vocals could be much better. I threw them together really quick because the instrumental felt like it could use a vocal line. I'll probably go back and do a better job on them at some point.

Yes! I actually have an EP coming out probably in November or so. It's going to be released on Sun Sea Sky Productions. There is a sampler on soundcloud if you wanna get a taste of it.

{Halloween} Tense {Halloween} Tense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very unsettling, crafty use of the samples to create that eerie atmosphere. I'd be a little careful with them cutting in/out rather jarringly towards the end (1:41 mark), but I think in this case it added to the general feel of tension and unease. Great use of distortion, it almost feels like a dream of a busy train terminal playing backwards. Truly bizarre.

Honestly, you've done a fantastic job. There's very little I can say other than that.


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Fingerpaintings Fingerpaintings

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Disorienting, funky, choppy, glitchy, with some masterful work on the basslines. It's a bit haunting at times, I can see it right at home in some sort of dystopian future flick.

There's very little that needs improvement here, I'd say be careful with your synths and pianos being 'detuned' or not in the same key as the rest of the song, it creates a little too much distance for the listener, especially once you start layering them.

Other than that, the song was great, the five minutes flew by and the pacing was flawless. Great work!

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MelkorMorgoth responds:

Thanks alot! You are my very first reviewer and what a favourable review it is!
Well, i don't strictly adhere to the concept of "key" in this piece, so i took my liberties. Still, i did not venture into the aleatoric and still kind of had the key of C# minor (i think it was) as a central building block. Also i did not detune the synths a lot, i just tried to give each synth voice an unique colouring to make them more discernible. It may be that you percieve the synths, and especially the piano, which i didnt tinker with a whole lot, as out of tune, because you are not used to listening to polyphonic music or not used to the tone of the voices in the polyphonic context.
Would you care to specify per private message? This review system here on NG is terribly dated and you cannot even make a reply chain.

Empowered Empowered

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty fantastical, I've got mad respect for your ability here. The layering is a really tough thing to pull off and I think you managed to capture it quite brilliantly. Very intense, would seem right at home for a final boss fight for an import title.

It does get a bit clustered at times, and I agree with the previous reviewer on that respect. But otherwise the song is flawless.

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BrCz responds:

Thanks mate. Much appreciated!

Untergrundsektor Untergrundsektor

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dope loop, love the distortion. Backing strings really keep the pace nicely. Truly not much more to say, I don't think it could be improved in any way aside from length. Great work

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot! It wasa rather spontaneous project, and since I didn't have any vocals for it, the loop is indeed not very long.

Still Can't House Still Can't House

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funkadelic, really like the beat breakdown at the end. That neo-funk bassline is exceptionally radical. Great start to what could be a pretty eclectic beat

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Thanks, dude, glad you liked it!

Stimu-Psych Stimu-Psych

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You are a talented musician. Loved the opening, it drew me right in and I wasn't quite sure where the song was headed. It's certainly not like anything I've heard before, and maybe that's because i'm stepping outside of my genre, but I quite enjoyed it. However, it doesn't feel fully complete, and i'm sure you're aware. The ending is very abrupt, but poignant.

Very cool stuff!

Solisio responds:

Thank you so much. Yeah, it is quite random xP. Adderall will do that to you. If you wanna hear the more completed version, send me a PM. Thanks a bunch.