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2014-10-15 13:50:10 by Canas

Is there life after Newgrounds?

I spent the overwhelming majority of my spare time when I was a teenager on this website, and the community still holds a very special place in my heart. Three years ago I decided to take my passion for music a little more seriously and became a music journalist. I started out writing crummy pieces in my parents basement to 12 followers, but in the years that would follow I would score my first round of press passes, interview some of my favorite bands, and reach an audience of about half a million unique visitors annually. And the best part? I actually get paid now! Woah!

Newgrounds honed my ability to circumnavigate the rather treacherous waters of online networking, and the forums served as a practice ground for my writing (as well as handling the overwhelming amount of 'constructive criticism' all us twats are quick to serve). Basically, it helped me build the tools I need to follow my dream, and for that I am forever grateful.

If you feel like checking out the work that I do, you can find me in a number of places

My work for The New LoFi

My original blog, Beach Fuzz

My (very) new Soundcloud page

My Twitter

I've also been working on an upcoming collaborative hip-hop album that will be written as a set of stories in space. It's pretty exciting stuff, so you can head over to my Audio and give it a listen.

It's been over ten years Newgrounds, and I still love you.


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2014-11-05 02:04:10

Excellent work. I dont know if you even care what any stranger thinks, but I'm proud of your accomplishments!

Canas responds:

hey thanks stranger! All the best!


2015-02-21 02:46:25

UM not to turn this dark but i was trolling through @regret's stuff, pasting peoples comments on steam and found yours

Rated 0 / 5 stars March 25, 2005


Another page in NG history is written....

Canas responds:

ten years later, the page written is just as disturbing.