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2013-04-07 02:15:39 by Canas

I still exist on the internet, just elsewhere.

Check out

For the latest and greatest music

~~ Music ~~


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2013-04-08 21:02:02

Oh shit, I had no idea you were Beach Fuzz. Or maybe I did at one point. Either way, great blog, it's introduced me to a lot of chill music.

Canas responds:

Haha yep, that's what I do with most of my internet time nowadays. Glad you like it Chumb!


2014-01-11 00:54:29

Just me here, reminiscing about Paltalk peoples.

Canas responds:

how them Red Wings doing


2014-03-04 14:35:21

I am going through your blog and must agree, this is very chill music. I am making a playlist right now. I was already in love with The 1975.

Canas responds:

Hey glad you dig it! Feel free to send me tunes anytime -->


2014-04-05 17:40:09

You are a true bro :)


2014-04-29 21:10:26

Pretty. :)